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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Great Picture

Found by Mr Tushy of Spanking4Men


  1. I would assume that this young man just got hisHide tanned and he is in the process of pulling his pants up .It would have better if we had seen what was under those pants before he pulled them up I assume he wanted to get them up as quick as possible I am sure they came down quicker than they are going up

  2. Anonymous --in this great picture one would assume he had gotten a hiding .Thevother question that has been raised in regard to this clip is what about a Spanking be given over Jeans .I for one don't believe in any spanking over Jeans I can live with starting a session in Jokeys or boxers Shorts but no way can it start over Jeans .

  3. Any whippin' should start bare an finish bare - my old man says "Son, a whippin' ain't a whippin' unless your are bare" I find it easier to cope without clothes - get naked at the start an get it done!!