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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jonathon and the Stolen Laptop

From The Magic Spanking Factory: That sweet and beautiful urchin Jonathon has aroused JustMagic's suspicion yet again. All of a sudden he appeared at the house with a very expensive laptop. Upon further questioning he was not able to give a sufficient answer to as where he had got it from.
JustMagic was not in the mood for taking NO for an answer and thought a beating might help to get to the bottom of things. (so to speak). Jonathon was soon over JustMagic's knee displaying his bright yellow underpants and taking a good hand spanking on his wonderful well rounded buttocks. 

Later, bent over in the Winchester position Jonathon is probably the perfect spankee. The wonderful very red hue of his naked bottom is just a joy to look at. 

By the way: This clip has an added 20 second bonus of a blooper which occurred right at the start of filming and shows just how charming this actor is. 

Preview trailer

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with Blogger tonight and I am unable to post the video trailer right now, however, you can download the trailer from sendspace by Clicking here

(When downloading from sendspace click on the blue bar with the arrow and message "click here to download from sendspace)


  1. Jonathan is one beautiful specimen The clips of him assuming the position are just great too However in my view it takes much to long for thoseYellowShorts to come down and off

  2. Could you possibly tag/label all the previous Jonathon posts so that they can be accessed together. Thanks x

  3. Loved the funny bits at the end of this clip.

  4. Love me some Jonathon!!! Could you repost the ones that got deleted when Magic Spank Factory shut down? That would be amazing!!!