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Monday, 24 June 2013

Punishing Pavel - More from East Europe Boys #1

Both of today's updates from East Europe Boys features the handsome Pavel. In the first, the Master takes Pavel, by the ear, into the bathroom where he is ordered to undress for the shower. However, first he is punished he with the hair brush. He has to bend across the master's knee and is spanked with a hairbrush first on his underpants, then bare butt, Then standing in front of the master, while the balls are squeezed. The hairbrush spanking is followed by a vigorous hand spanking and after the punishment, Pavel takes a shower.


Pavel is caught reading a book any when he should have been studying. As a result the master decides to give the boy a more severe lesson. Pavel is made to strip naked, and then severely punished with the cane, then with belt, followed by a hand spanking, while his balls are squeezed.



1 comment:

  1. Both these clips look great. Pavel Tom is so handsome; it is so erotic to see such a good looking guy getting walloped and being in such pain! I am glad to see that the master is holding back less, hitting Pavel Tom harder, hurting him more, giving him what he truly deserves. Tom expresses more pain. A sight to behold. Several of Tom's clips have been on the most popular list at for months at both the spanking boys and spanking army boys sites. In my opinion, Tom's best clips are the two in bastinado where he lies face down on the sofa. His feet are very sensitive and he is struck over and over and is in a-a-agony! More bastinado for Pavel Tom, please! Here in the first clip Pavel gets struck by a small hairbrush over the knee and then the whacks continue while standing. The second clip has wonder boy standing and struck with the cane for the first time. He howls in agony and stripes are left on his beautiful butt. I hope to see more Pavel Tom clips with the punishments more painful and more severe! His clips are all in different surroundings than the usual East Europe set, which is a room containing a bed, several chairs, a table. It leads me to believe that the master must travel to a new location to film the Pavel Tom clips, usually 5 or 6 at a time.