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Sunday, 21 July 2013

East Europe Boys - Video Clips #1


Davide is punished severely along with the bath brush in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position. In addition he has to perform push-ups, while he is severely spanked. The master then  orders at Davide,  standing naked, to self-punish himself with vigorous spanking on his ass.


Vasek is in trouble again and is punished with the belt and hand spanking over the knees of the teacher (OTK). Vasek is punished first on his underpants, then his bare butt until it becomes very red, causing him to cry.

David is visibly very scared and afraid, but ready for a severe punishment with the cane. David tries to maintain the decorum of a brave man, but lets you see all the pain of the blows with his face and body. The pain this guy feel is intense and the ensuing marks on their bare naked buttocks are evidence of the punishment he has submitted to. The caning is followed by a vigorous hand spanking, while his balls are squeezed.

As this clip contains material which is rather more severe than would usually appear at JockSpank, the remaining pictures and video trailer have been posted to JockSpank 2 and can be viewed by clicking hereViewer discretion is advised
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1 comment:

  1. Another classic and terrific Davide clip! The Master puts Davide into another delicious situation that Davide cannot possibly win. To avoid being smacked, Davide is supposed to do push-ups in the wheelbarrow position. The deck is again stacked against Davide and no matter how hard Davide tries, he is unable to avoid the continuing hard whacks of the master's brush! Davide takes pain well and the Master dishes it out to him again!