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Friday, 12 July 2013

Mans Hand Films - The Altar Boys

Father Xavier isn’t about to put up with any unruliness in his parish, and that includes the two angelic Altar Boys who were caught sampling the communion wine and harassing a member of the congregation.  One at a time, each boy gets a thorough spanking on the seat of their pants, then on their white underwear, and finally on their bare little bottoms.  Both boys are truly repentant, as the priest relentlessly applies a hairbrush which feels like hell-fire on their tender butts.

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DVD MHV-135 at:

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  1. ALTAR Boys, not "alter."

    1. oops!! Thanks, I have corrected it! :-)

  2. Love the images from this film. I have a ton of images from this video as well. How, they were really trying to promote this all those years ago. They must have known they had a hit on their hands! Get it? Hit.

    Anyways, thank you for reposting. I would love to repost your I just have to figure out how to get this on my blog (

    Thanks for bringing this great video back to light!!!

    ( #. # )

  3. Stop putting out old stuff. No appeal!!!!

    1. I can't agree with you on that. Altar Boys is a Classic video by Mans Hand and still very popular. It has only recently been re-released as a download.

      A lot of JockSpank's visitors enjoy seeing pictures from classic spanking movies.

    2. Ward you wouldn't agree with me would you ever but its old now and actors could be dead and although i like MHF they dont update with descent HQ videos they need to keep up with the times year 2013 - Luke :)

  4. I like some of the older items very much as well. I only wish there were more pics of Frederick, the lad in the red shirt. He looks great in his TW's abd then has the nicest mark on his bare. I think this was the only film he did for MH. Thanks to all who post.