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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sting: Angry Dads 3 - The Scout and the Scholar

Sometimes it’s necessary for Angry Dads to enforce the rules and remind wayward sons that growing up means taking responsibility for their actions. That also means there will be consequences to face should they not do so!
In the past Tony (Kurt Maddox) has brought home letters from his college to say he hasn’t been attending. His Dad made it very plain that if any such letters should arrive again he will apply very firm disciplinary measures. 
Tony has pushed his luck too far now and this time immediate action is going to be taken. As he is ordered across Dad’s knee he knows he has brought it all upon himself, he’s not a little kid anymore and is wondering now, as an eighteen year old, just how it’s going to be.
It’s humiliating enough at his age to have to bare his bottom but those stinging hand slaps are burning like hell fire....
Now Dad is at the cabinet drawer and that old thick leather army strap is being folded for more action. Tony knows this is going to sting like an angry wasp but he must take it like a man, as he’s certainly expected to do. 
And sting like and angry wasp is exactly what it does!

Phillip (Nicholas Salter) on the other hand could be described as a good scout. Some money has gone missing at the troop HQ and it involves Phillip but his scoutmaster on the other hand doesn’t want to lose him from the group. 

Luckily though in that day and age a quick word with Phillip’s Dad will bring a quick, sensible and private end to this problem. 
His Dad is of course furious and Phillip is in for a good old fashion spanking, which he duly receives.
  Dad delivers a sharp, firm and not so short message ...
Where it does the most good!
His bare 18 year old bottom is red raw from the spanking but this time Dad wants to really get the message across. 
Dad's slipper leaves a painful set of scorching imprints across his already spanked backside might just help him remember.

Both the scout and the scholar will go on to better things thanks to those blazing days of sensible disciple!

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  1. Nicholas sure floats my boat and Kurt's butt is way too tempting to spank - woof!

  2. it never occurred to me that the scout theme has until now been unexplored...