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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

By Popular Demand - Jonathon Mowing the Lawn

By popular request I am re-posting on of Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory's earlier movie trailers

Lazy Jonathon is supposed to be mowing the lawn, but decided it would just be more relaxing to do a bit of sunbathing instead​. However, as usual, the naughty lad end​s getting only one part of his body properly tanned! (guess which part ?!!) when his angry father shows Jonathon the error of his ways with a firm hand and a stinging leather belt applied where it does the most good. 


 Pulling him by his ear into the house his father wastes no time whatsoever and spanks the unlucky youth's pert, and soon to be bare, bottom.

 Then sitting him on the table and forcing his legs behind his sons head Dad slaps the smooth glowing and now very exposed buttocks completely ignoring Jonathon's wailing. 

 What an embarrassing position for a young man!

 That must have stung!!

 After a final round with the belt Jonathon is told to get dressed and finally get the grass cut,

....with an extra still **stinging** incentive to keep him working.
Don't ya' love a happy ending?!!


Links Provided out of respect for the Magic Spanking Factory's intellectual rights

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  1. I'd love to see a clip where Jonathon really tries to avoid getting spanked, but just gets into more and more trouble, or maybe he tries to escape but gets stuck, like this guy

    1. Why do I picture Winnie the Pooh stuck in the honey tree? :) I would like to see him try to run away but get stuck. It'd be humorous and very entertaining!

    2. Yes, it would be hilarious if Jonathon got stuck in a window, with his head on the outside, and his bottom inside, where JustMagic is.

  2. Jonathon is a prince among naughty boys, with a bottom like a peach.

  3. So hot. Thanks for re-posting this

  4. Holy crap!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RE-POSTING!!!! Hope to the rest!

  5. I would love to suck his cock and rim jonothan I can't believe I'm the only one who finds him sexually attractive he needs to get a proper shoot done not just spanking all the time sure that one of the studios would love him A real beauty.

  6. The sweetest honey I have tasted, the must succulent beef I have enjoyed, the most scented flowers I have smelt but nothing, absolutely NOTHING can compare to the sweetness of sucking his cock and rimmimg his delightful and heavenly butt.

    1. Good for you Mr magic. He is beautiful any chance of a video of him giving his fans a quick moon or some posing pictures.

  7. I will send some to the moderators of Jockspank this weekend and will let them decide

    1. What a treat that will be. May I suggest a story line where you as a good outstanding citizen are going about your business reading the local paper and jonathon being the upstart that he is making rude gestures behind your back i.e. 2 finger salutes, mooning etc and you catch him out of the corner of your eye. Brilliant work by the way.