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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The House Boy

Sam has been hanging around for ages, he said he did not want to model for BBFC but needed a job. The deal was struck that he could be the naked house boy only if they could film it. 

 He said yes of course. He arrives promptly on his first day and strips off ready to start work. 

The kitchen is first ....

....followed by sweeping the stairs.

Carelessly he flicks dust down onto the passing Tony and makes his first mistake.

Called down stairs and put OTK on the spot he is spanked for his error as the deal demanded.

He is so scared of loosing his job he begs and pleads from the first hit, please Sir no - I didnt mean it - I am sorry and of course oww oww every time

He seems to think that this grovelling will save the day. 

Afterwards he makes a start on the lounge, dusting first...

 .... and then grabbing the hoover, 

just as he turns it on the phone goes and he carrys on even though he is asked to turn the damned thing off.

For this error he is given the ping pong bat OTK,

again he is begging and pleading from the very first swat. 

He makes it through the rest of the day without incident and announces that he is finished. 

A finger across the door reveals that he has missed great chunks of cleaning.

A final OTK and a warning are administered.

A lovely shot of his red ass heading up the hallway as he goes to leave. He will be back to work in a couple of days but has he learned anything I wonder?

There is a great little cameo to camera by Tony after the second spanking that sums it all up. 

Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


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