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Monday, 30 September 2013

East Europe Boys trailers #1

Josef is punished with a vigorous hand spanking, first on his underpants, then bare butt, then with bath brush. The first few strokes with the brush hit the mark and make him tense up. He gets more and more animated as the strokes get harder and harder..


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Pavel is a bad student, is taken by the ear by the master and brought into a room, where he is first ordered to undress, and then receive a spanking by hand over the master's knee

The young boy Christian has a new session of punishment. He is punished with the riding crop on the feet, then on the bare ass, and then spanked on the bare ass by hand.

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Sting of the Jungle continues at Sore Bottom boys

 The first part of the third installment of the illustrated story "The Sting of the Jungle" has been posted at Sore Bottomed Guys, and can be read by 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sting (Hornet Pictures) What The Eyes Don't See (Part 2) "Rules are Rules"

What The Eyes Don't See (Part 2) "Rules are Rules" is a Sting Hornet Pictures production combining lots of spanking with lashings of sex

Back to college for some more hot disciplinary action. It seems some students can never keep out of trouble. Lucky in a way for Mr Volny the PT master can keep his hand in, amongst other things, when dishing out punishments.
To that end Johnson (Brandon Junior) is first up on his list of villains. Having disobeyed the strict instruction not to bring alcohol in to the college he is sent by the Head to explain his actions to Mr Volny. Not one to be very forgiving and certainly no fan of the demon drink he puts young Johnson straight over his knee.

Now with his bare bottom turning redder with each stinging slap the lad is required to do his ‘off the record’ duty and pleasure the muscular master. This and having to cope with the burning hand slapping on his smooth rounded bare bottom is no easy matter. 

The climax of this punishment for Johnson will be a whacking with the wooden ferula, scorching his naked backside and bringing the whole session to a final conclusion.

Also up in front of the Headmaster this time is Geoff Hayward (Alexander Syden) having been caught shoplifting in the local town. The head of course is furious and delivers a hard bare bottom caning to the boy. 

As a tearful Hayward slowly pulls up his trousers very carefully up over the enflamed stripes on his backside the words he really doesn’t want to hear are spoken, ‘Now report to Mr Volny your Housemaster I’m sure he’ll want a word with you!’
In the Gym Hayward finds a waiting PT master all set to deal with the offending youth. Now positioned high up on Mr Volny’s knee young Hayward is yelping as slap after slap connects with his red burning bare bottom.

Unfortunately this is just a beginning as soon the lad is over the vaulting horse and receiving a good dose of the heavy leather strap. Of course during this part of this punishment he will be required to thank the PT master is his own expected way. Well you know what they say, What The Eyes Don’t See!

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MancSpank Returns!

After a year away the popular MancSpank Production returns with its trademark northern discipline and rapid fire, over the knee, spankings.
Welcome back, we've missed you!

Kicking off their return is a kinky tale of a very bad boy caught up to no good by his dad

Zack the little pervert home from college thought nobody else was in the house,  so he snuck into his sisters room and got a pair of his sisters knickers and bra out of her draw, he then laid on the bed sniffing the knickers and started moaning and groaning whilst playing with himself.......

His dad came home from work early and heard the moans coming from his daughters bedroom knowing she was still at school he entered the bedroom and caught zack in the act horrified and disgusted he started shouting at Zack then grabbed him by the ear and dragged him into the lounge, a shameful Zack was then lectured by Dad ........

...then the  sorry 19 yr old was thrown over his dads knee and soundly spanked over his jeans before dad then ripped them down and a rapid fire bare bottom spanking followed he was then made too stand in the corner as dad continued  to lecture the little pervert.

In part two Zack is  put over the chesterfield and his footy shorts are pulled down and paddled over his bare bottom  and told too apologise too his little sister

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