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Saturday, 12 October 2013

East Europe Boys # 1

Pavel, after being stripped naked, and forced to lay over the back of a chair, and spanked by the master first with a leather strap, followed by a painful hand spanking.

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


Pavel's friend Marek's punishment continues, and this time Pavel himself punishes his friend

The master is in the room with the door open, Nicholas passes in the corridor outside and thinking he can not to be seen, makes a gesture of contempt for the master. Unluckily for him, he is seen and the angry master decides to punish him severely. Nicholas is severely spanked by hand, first on his boxers and then bare butt, in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position. Then the master orders him to take the hairbrush, and Nicholas asked not to be punished with the brush, it's too painful, and the master asks if he prefers to be punished on the balls or with hairbrush on the ass, and Nicholas chooses to be punished on the bottom. Therefore Nicholas is again severely spanked with hairbrush.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. It feels like Christmas to me; two recent tremendous Pavel Tom clips have been posted! Last week a terrific wheelbarrow clip, with great camera close-ups and terrific lighting. See and hear the glory of Tom's body and cries of pain! Now, a clip with his butt raised high over the back of a chair! We see his body in such a marvelous position. A privilege and wonder! Buy these clips. What will the Master cook up next for Pavel Tom? Compliments to the East Europe studio for featuring denim lately! Christian is wearing sexy denim shorts in last week's clip. Lukas Liz wore denim recently while spanked. Last week, heavenly Rudy was wearing Levi's denim shorts in "cum shots." Suggestion, dress Pavel Tom in his favorite jeans-with-holes, no underwear. Put him up over the back of the chair wearing jeans and whack him hard with the long wooden paddle!

  2. You must be an agent of this studio Bastinado Boy. Look the action is good but the camera work and lighting isn’t up to scratch. As a photographer from the clips I have bought it’s often over exposed with heavy shadows and badly framed but hey having said that it is viewable.