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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bad Boys from East Europe #1

Erik is a 22 year old student, muscular and athletic, after being stripped, he is tied to the bed by his hands and feet, and severely punished on the front thighs with the leather strap, followed by on the bare ass.


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Pavel was caught playing hockey instead of studying, he is taken by the ear by the master and brought into a room, where he is ordered to undress naked, and then receives a painful spankings with the his hockey stick, then followed by a vigorous hand spanking, while the balls are squeezed. 


Davide is ready for a severe punishment session, he strips and submits his bare ass for his punishment. His master punishes him with a leather whip and then moves on to using the nine-tailed whip. Davide prides himself in being able to take it and does so very stoically although it's easy to see he's using all his will power to do so. The pain and humiliation he feels is made worse by his continued attempts to retain his dignity and proves it trying to remain silent and without moving, despite the painful whippings that he receives. we will be waiting for his next session which could be worse.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Week after week, East Europe gets better and better; close-up face & butt camera angles, superb lighting, great audio and wonderful positions and situations that the gorgeous models get put in! The master is getting stricter with the boys and he puts them in real pain and occasionally agony. I am still enthralled by the recent magnificent two part Pavel Tom bastinado clips, now available at Clips4sale. These East Europe are the finest that I have ever seen, "Pavel Tom Riding Crop" and "Pavel Tom Strap." He is put in real glorious agony and the master shows no mercy. Pavel Tom's agony reactions are magnificent, as he chews the rug to try and forget the all-devouring foot pain. Please, put this 19 year old lad in real prolonged agony again, I can't wait for more. I'd love to see Pavel Tom pushed over the edge, broken and hear him cry for a long period; that almost happened this time, he came close. His shrieks of agony were wonderful. Above, the master hits Pavel Tom with a hockey stick. Davide is put over the back of a chair and struck repeatedly. Davide's magnificent butt looks great with terrific close-ups and great angles! I'd love to see Rudy next over the back of a chair. Rudy is being kept busy, rightly so, by both Sting and East Europe. Rudy is truly "leading man" in every way! Gorgeous face, (as handsome as Liam Hemsworth) and magnificent butt.

  2. Superb lighting. NOT