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Friday, 15 November 2013

Waiting For Punishment - by Leather Strap

Hey Guys! Here is the latest installment of the new series 'Waiting on Punishment!' This set of images is titled 'Up Against the Wall' and features young males about to face some much deserved pants down punishment!
Hope you enjoy!
Leather Strap


  1. More incredibly HOT work!! The stud about to a world-class lickin' for late rent is GREAT!!

  2. These are all so evocative, some of those images are almost smoldering they are so hot

  3. Brilliant (& horny guys) pics. & imaginative story lines. In the UK it is many years since any form of punishment of this sort happened. (if it ever did) Thankfully as a 23y/o!

  4. I’ve always enjoyed these ‘impending doom’ scenarios your so good at!! Recalling your old site, I also enjoyed the accounts of your ‘personal experiences’.. like trips to the woodshed.. or the account of that Halloween party where guests could come in revealing costumes (like that football player..) – you had your site visitors vote on a costume choice for you… a bare butt kilt as I recall.. in which you got to display a spanked bottom!!

    I also loved the votes you used to set up for your own punishments! It was fun (for us) to watch the interplay of the votes and your reaction ‘come on guys!! It’s my ass on the line here!! Take it easy PLEASE’… that was great!! And you were a great sport!!

    Glad to see you in action again here!

  5. Nobody captures the mood of waiting for punishment better than Leather Strap.