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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Spankables

 A special bonus batch of Spankables for Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from JockSpank

Scroll down for contributions from Scott Norway and Richard O'Shea

 Now a selection of Spankables from Scott Norway

Finally, thanks to Rich O'Shea from Sting for these Christmas Spankables



  1. a man on here once recounted the story of how at 17 he was caught shoplifting on Christmas Eve from a small local shop whose owners called his dather and were going to call the police, his father had a quiet word with the man and assured him if the police were not called he would punish him hard. So it was agreed. They walked home in silence, his mother told him off and then left for a carol service. Father then escorted him on walk wher he had to cut switches to make a birch and tie it together they then went to the back garden of the shop owner and with his knees trembling entered the shed where the owner was waiting he was given the option of the police being called he did not want that as he was hoping to join the air force so he was ordered over the work bench havng stripped and was held down by the owner and received 6 strokes from his father then 6 from the owner, he said the pain was intense and he was crying he then had to apologise and shake hands with the owner. Whilst he hated the punishment he said looking back it was a good thing and wished he had been corrected earlier

  2. Who is the beautiful boy with James tattooed on his incredible ass? I would love to search for more pictures of him.

  3. Thx to all three [s]experts. And the victim on the new headline photo looks like a youthful Prince William