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Monday, 30 December 2013

Clips from East Europe Boys No.2


Pavel is again in trouble. Being a re-offender, it is decided he should be whipped. Already resigned to his fate, Pavel is made to strip naked for punishment. His master punishes him with a whip and then is spanked by hand, while the balls are squeezed

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

0122 army

The soldier Todd reports to the sergeant, to be punished. Todd is ready, he strips and submits his bare assed for his punishment. His sergeant punishes him severely with the cane and then spanks him by hand, on the buttocks and on his anus, while his balls are squeezed



The master, still not satisfied, decides for a new session of punishment. Todd is again tied to the bed by his hands and feet and severely punished with the leather strap on the soles of the feet, then strapped on the bare ass, and then spanked on the bare ass by hand


 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Just love your blog header pic. Always a treat to see a young lad being properly chastised - and that lovely red and blistered tone of his butt cheeks attesting to his pain and surprise, not to mention the look on his face! Bravo and all the best to you in 2014

    1. Thanks CP! glad you like it.

      Happy new year to you also! :-)

  2. I looked back at the East Europe clips this year. Here are my favorite clips for Jan. 1 - June 30, 2013, They are dated by when they first appeared at
    Domino, 1/1 and Wheelbarrow 2/21. Domino was gorgeous and him in black underwear upside down is tremendous! Filip 1/10, a great model in excellent positions and punished hard by the master! Davide 2 2/2 over a chair like a horse and bastinadoed! Mario 2/13 Wheelbarrow. Mario only made 4 clips. What a gorgeous hunk, Every clip is magnificent! Harry Crying 4/7, the reddest butt and most tears! Michal 2/9 Please Sir. Missed so much, he is gorgeous. Lukas Liz 2/25 wheelbarrow, wooden spoon, hairbrush and wheelbarrow on 5/24, the prince with the royal butt made so many great clips! Hugo Belting 2, 5/5 such a gorgeous butt! Pavel Tom, 4/26, his first one when he was thinner. Welcome Back Michal wheelbarrow 6/6 and Strip Poker 2, 6/13 on his knees Michal's is caned. His last one. Finally, Filip K, 6/23 and Pavel Tom, 6/25, both bastinadoed on the same couch! Great stuff. I'll do the last six months of 2013 next! Out today at, Christian, over the master's knee again w/dildo! Also, another Liukas Liz, him lying face down!

    1. I forgot to list above Filippo Brush 5/17. A truly gorgeous butt and the master swings for the fences on him! Now, for July 1 - Dec. 31, 2013, here are my favorite East Europe clips, again dated by when they first appeared for sale at www.clips4sale Lukas Liz Bath Brush, 6/1 I call him the Prince because he has the royal butt. So gorgeous. All his clips are great. I likes especially the camera angle here that shows the royal butt in true splendor! Davide Bath Brush 7/27 and 8/12. Another gorgeous butt and Davide's clips are always great. Christian first appeared on 8/16 in a simple over the knee. (Our introduction to true beauty and a tremendous East Europe model!) In this simple over the knee clip, one finds true greatness, the camera angles, the lighting, Christian's reactions are all magnificent. One of the best of the year. Christian then made more clips: Jerk, wooden spoon, wheelbarrow 11/8, belting, 9/7, cum shots 9/18, all terrific. Towards the end of 2013, Christian is in a whole series of wooden paddle videos with him lying face down,. The master hits Christian hard every magnificent stroke!
      Next, Rudy Valentino on 9/20, belting on 10/6. Rudy is so hot in every one! Nicholas Salter 2 9/18 & brush 10/9. Gorgeous butt hit hard! Pavel Tom in bastinado 1 & 2, 11/20 the best clips this year. Best position, reactions, camera, real agony inflicted brilliantly! Also, Pavel Tom 11/20, his butt over the back of a chair. Josef bath brush 2 10/12, magnificent close-ups of the hottie in agony! One of the best of the year. Also Josef whipped back 12/29. the agony rolling around, face down, is ecstasy to watch! Prince Lukas Liz again, interview 9/30, great royal butt camera angles, Ready Sir, 11/20 and 11/27, his majesty is laid out face down on a low table and we feast our eyes on his magnificent body. At the end, the master gets out the royal wooden paddle and the royal butt turns magnificent red! One of the best clips of 2013 and also His Highness gets bastinado on the floor 12/9 and 12/10, another clip of the vear! Thanks East Europe, keep them coming!
      My favorite positions for the boys to be put in: butt over the back of a chair, wheelbarrow, lying face down, over the knee, on the knees and on all fours. My favorite spanking tools: wooden paddle, lexan paddle, bath brush. Of course, the best clips are the bastinados!