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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Mik A Christmas Dream

 A Christmas Day update from British Boys Fetish Club

Mik has been writing out his Christmas letter to Santa but has dropped off for a little nap.

In his dream he sees his brother Cal, just out of the shower, getting dressed and putting one of Mik's T shirts.

Mik comes into the room and catches Cal and demands to know what's going on. 

Cal is shocked and surprised and has no answers, Mik grabs him by the ear and pulls him down OTK and spanks him hard of the tight white underwear Cal is wearing. Mik's delight at this change in the way things work is clear to see and he carries on spanking Cal with relish. 

Not content with just spanking Cal he grabs a slipper and uses that as well, the look on Cal's face is classic. Cal's bum is getting a nice colour on it and Mik is smiling all through the ordeal.

Finally leaving Cal to nurse his sore ass Mik leaves the room a happy lad. 

But as all Christmas tales have to have a happy ending it is just a dream and the sleeping Mik is woken by Cal and an empty wallet.

The rude awakening is followed by a good spanking from Cal, just as it should be and the status-quo is restored. 

The final look by Mik straight into the camera, with a knowing wink, means he knows no matter what he dreams he will always be a brat


Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. Would love to see Cal spanked and slippered by dad:D

  2. yes! would love to see more of mik punishing cal!

  3. Why wasn't my comment posted? Was it offensive? I don't think it was.

  4. Love to see cal beat by dad. Fit

  5. please show more ear pulling done to cal