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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Some Naughty East Europe Boys #2

0120 army

The soldier Pavel reports to the sergeant, to be punished. Pavel is ready, he strips and bend over for a hard caning. Unfortunately for Pavel, this caning is much tougher than previous, and he must endure it in silence.


 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 

The master continues the punishment of Christian, with the leather strap on the soles of the feet, then on the bare ass


The master continues the punishment of Josef, with the with the nine-tailed whip and then moves on to using a leather whip, on his bare ass, back and thighs.

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. Sting get this army uniform make a army video instead of schoolboys which is weird.

  2. Above, his bastinado Part 2, the magnificent Christian Strap. Christian's denim jeans are pulled down and his gorgeous butt is revealed. The master strikes the soles of his feet with the strap, causing excruciating pain to the hot cutie! One of the three best videos this year -- I'm releasing my top ten list soon -- from this remarkable studio, East Europe! The master totally devastates Christian with foot pain. Christian expresses his agony, fury and helplessness; he cannot escape the master's brutal attack. Magnificent! I will always cherish every frame, every sound. Soon this two part Christian will be available at
    Pavel Tom and Lukas Liz just previously also all had two part bastinado clips in this same terrific set! Keep them coming. Next, Rudy should get the same extreme bastinado punishment. (Rudy's in a new Sting video out now.)
    Please use more denim in these videos. Christian, Pavel Tom and Lukas Liz, (sadly he's taken a security job,) have all worn their jeans in recent clips. Show their butts in jeans close up being punished. My Christmas wish!
    Just out from East Europe at another Christian treasure clip. The master continues the wonderful, incredible series of laying Christian face down and then pounding him ruthlessly with the wooden paddle! There have been several recent Christian clips of him in this beautiful position. Feast your eves. All hail Christian! Also, three Pavel Tom clips just out, two are punishments by the Christmas tree and an Army.