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Monday, 13 January 2014

Control T - Remembering the 80's

 Thanks to Helmut for these classic control T images from videos first released more than 25 years ago

The first set is from Punished Hustlers

 I think this second set is called Spanking Kid Brother, however, please correct me if I'm wrong

Links are provided out of respect for Control T studio's intellectual property rights

CTS Movies are now available on compilation DVDs from their website (link above) or individual scenes from CTS movies can be purchased and downloaded from

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  1. The Control-M pics brought back memories. They were featured in the first Male to Male Spanking magazines I found back in 1987 or 1988, years before the Internet made content like this readily available. Back then, that content was as good as it got! Wow have things changed in 25 years!

  2. cool and retro.

  3. Would love to see several pix from their "The Warden & the Parolees"! (I believe now only available on video cassette, if that)

  4. Always find the tops where much more alpha back when I guess men are more metrosexual these days.

  5. Back in that day, boys knew how to wear jeans properly - up over their hips, and tight-fitting around butt and crotch. You'd never catch a guy with baggy/saggy denims. Too bad that the changes in styles have not been for the better.

  6. Thanks for this pics. One of my all-time favorite pics is the kid brother in the diaper position while laying on the couch wearing his jockstrap. I do so much appreciate the moderator's and everyone's efforts on this blog.

  7. You like tight jeans check out MHF Disturbing The Peace. Sam skin tight jeans take A fell of A hand spanking.

  8. Anonymous posted: "You like tight jeans check out MHF Disturbing The Peace."

    Yep, I have seen all the MHF stuff and enjoyed it. It would be great if boys started wearing jeans NOW, like they were meant to be worn - skin tight to show us what they've got, back and front. Funny how, back in the day, no self-respecting guy would have ever been caught dead in baggy jeans sagging below his ass. Wonder who hates boys' bodies so much that they influenced a style of design and wearing, that hides the masculine form?