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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dom - Birthday Spanking

Harsh Strapping and Caning for 19 Year Old Dom!

It's Dom's 19th birthday! A time for celebration? Well normally it would be. However Dom has got involved with the same group of friends who celebrates each others birthday's in a rather unusual way! Whoever has a birthday is sent to visit Mr X for a birthday spanking - paid for by the rest of the gang!

Often the birthday spankings are fun and lighthearted....but this time it's different! Dom was playing poker the night before with brothers Oliver and Fred and he was caught cheating! To teach him a lesson, the brothers decided to pay a bit more to Mr X for Dom to be thrashed hard!

So this birthday spanking is tough! It starts off with a hard, over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, followed by 19 hard strokes using the cane and leather paddle! This straight lad soon discovers that he is not receiving a fun gay spanking but a serious hard punishment!

Dom put's on a brave face, but that soon turns to a look of anguish as the cane bites his trembling buttocks!

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  1. Got too love dom.

  2. Such a shame that Dom shaves his pubes off. He's still lovely, though.

  3. Dom looks a a really cocky and impudent lad obviously overdue for a spanking in real life.

  4. I agree you got to love Dom, especially when he is rubbing his sore bottom like in the 8th picture down. What world be a really great storyline would be for Dom to get spanked by Mr X, or maybe Uncle Andy, when he already has a sore bottom for some other reason. Maybe he could have been to the doctor and got a painful injection in each cheek.- so they are still really stinging

    Or he could have been skinny dipping and got his bottom sun-burnt.

    Another fun idea would be if immediately after the spanking he has to do something involving a lot of sitting down. Taking a two hour exam, or he has a new job delivering pizzas on a bike.

    1. GREAT IDEA!! I support that suggestion, love seeing a boy get spanked on a sore bottom. Sting do that sometimes