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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Straight Lads Spanked - Spank Jenga (Part 4)

The latest update at Straight Lads Spanked

It's forfeit time! Dom, Harry, Wayne & Adam are real life mates. They grew up together, went to school together. They are all 19 years old.So now, it is their turn to play Spank Jenga!

This is the forfeit game with painful, humiliating twists! If you lose you have to get spanked by your friends with a variety of implements! 

When the bricks tumble it's Wayne's turn to pay a forfeit

He reads out the details of his penalty which involves a bare bottom spanking .....

and burning hot Deep Heat embrocation - oooh!  that will sting

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Have Straight Lads spanked stopped doing trailers? There haven't been any for the last two releases

  2. Hey! Apologies for the lack of preview movies. I'm on vacation at the moment and have had an issue loading them up. All will be back to normal next week! Cheers! Dave - Straight Lads Spanked

  3. Lol at the tatoo i bet that was a druken night out forefeit. Typical cheeky lads, thanks Mr X.

  4. omg that view of Dom in the first picture... Never has the back of a boy been more beautiful.

  5. Dom is a really good looking boy but there is a lot of talk about being straight on this site. It doesn't really matter at all. Some of the boys maybe not that straight or maybe totally straight. I know on Sting or Magic Spanking some of the boys are straight but still do sexy stuff. It's hard to tell. Just do MM spanking and love it!! If its not at least erotic or homoerotic why do it!

    1. I think that if it's not erotic if you can't see big cocks Etc then what's the point. I don't mean just this site but in general with spanking sites Good point after all it is porn no matter how you put it annoys me when some people say it ain't porn well yes it is no matter how you out it.

  6. All good comments but I'm a little confused about what 'Big Cocks, or even average sized cocks' have to do with Corporal Punishment and Spanking? Am I missing something here?

  7. The point Im trying to make is that if I'm watching a spanking clip I always like to see a guys cock and nuts with legs open in a spanking preferably otk as the clip is more erotic and sexy otherwise you have a boring clip which I don't find very erotic at all. If your referring to corporal punishment which is given out through means of other things such as breaking the law that's completely different but I'm on about spanking in the "porn industry" which models get paid to do as you do not get paid to take a punishment if your broke the law etc after all it's all just acting and all very much staged while the spanking is real it isn't actually something the models have to do. Basically to put it I'm just watching a hot porn video with spanking as the theme and who doesn't want a big fat cock am I right.

    After all it's all just hot fun maybe not fun for the guy but they have a good pocket of money after filming I'm sure.

  8. Hi, I do see your point 100%. I really do get it! The thing is though that everyone who watches my movies wants to see different things......

    So from a producers point of view I made the decision right from day one to make the movies themed around mm spanking/punishment.....

    Now here is where it gets tricky...... Fans of mm spanking all like different elements to it.... For example you like to see big fat cocks on display. That, of course is fine.... Lot's of other of my audience, especially the guys the men that are not turned on by the sight of mens bodies don't really want to see cock, they just want to see men getting spanked...

    Then some guys want to see the models spanked bare feet, and others love socks! Some go wild when I spank them over their jeans and others moan when I do that as they think a spanking should be bare bottom. Others like me to hit hard and bruise and others hate that and just want a softer spanking.... many people like to see armpits! and so on and on...

    Of course I've just been talking about what the guys like to see...... I have many female members too and they all have requests too..... all equally valid!

    So really, all I can do is stick to my main theme which is mm spanking.... and wherever I can, I remember what certain fans like and try and include bits of that as much as possible....

    But yeah you a re right! It is just hot fun really! :)