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Friday, 3 January 2014

The First East Europe Boys Update in 2014


It is said that in ancient Sparta the boys had to take severe punishment in silence. They were not allowed to cry out, flinch or even move a muscle. They had to stay totally impassive. If they made a noise, moved or groaned it was a disgrace! Lukas is asked to endure such a punishment, and to compete with other guys, to see who is the more stoic. Lukas's firm athletic backside is a testament to real punishment all gained through painful and hard tests of endurance, continues with strap and bath brush.


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Erik and Pavel are caught while watching a porn video with three girls. The master is angry and decides to give them a particular punishment. After you have made ​​to strip naked boys, Pavel is taken for an ear, and he does lie down on his knees, and while being spanked, Pavel sucks the dick of friend Erik. For the straight guys, this is really an extra punishment

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Christian is a straight lad who deserves another embarrassing double punishment, a rubber dildo is inserted into his anus, then he is punished with a hand spanking, so that with each whack the dildo is pushed further up his tight butt.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 

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  1. Above, the three East Europe super models all in great clips. First, the Prince Lukas Liz, gets it lying face down on the floor. My favorite position. The camera angles show his highness' perfect body! Another classic starring the Prince. Then, Pavel Tom, the handsome one gets a well deserved punishment. Finally, Christian, the French wonderboy, experiences dildo pain over the master's knee! Christian is so uber hot, All of his clips are fantastic. Out today at, the 2 part Christian bastinado masterpiece, now available. I cherish every frame, every sound in this 45 minute peek into heaven! Christian's feet are strapped upright to a low bed, his beautiful and sensitive soles facing up. Christian lies face down on the floor, wearing hios beautiful denim jeans. Then the master begins the magnificent symphony with his conductor's cane! Whack on the soles, over and over. We see Christian's screams and agony. He can't move. The pain causes frenzy. Christian's butt cheeks clench in pain in the denim! Don't miss it. Then, the denim is pulled down and we feast our eyes on his magnificent butt, continuing to clench and roll in agony. More please!