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Saturday, 22 February 2014

BBFC - Rod and Reiner

This weeks update at British Boys Fetish Club is available in two versions, one with just the spanking, whilst the other features Spanking and ... uh ... 'extras'!!

Reiner has just finished his shower and tells Rod its fine for him to use now, so off Rod goes. 

 Reiner settles down and starts to use Rods mobile to watch porn getting a little horny as he does so.

When Rod comes back into the room and sees what he is doing he is not happy and grabs the struggling and protesting Reiner over his knee.

The lads smooth little butt is soon getting some colour into it. Spanking always makes Rod a little horny so he has to stop a couple of times and get Reiner to suck his dick before carrying on spanking him. The lads bum is now glowing nicely and he is getting one good spanking.


Additional Content - In a further scene, not shown above: Dragging the lad to the bedroom Rod gives him a few more swats as he wriggles madly before making the lad go into a hot oral scene. Rod once rock hard fucks the lad hard around the bed before blowing a big load over his chest, Reiner seems to have enjoyed both the spanking and the sex as he jerks off a big load well and shoots it up Rods back.

Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. I like how everything is on show wish sting would take note.

    1. You are an idiot! Sting make the best videos and movies in the entire spanking world! for you to sit behind your computer and complain means you are nothing more than a troll!!! go away and learn how to be useful to society

    2. I'm the idiot? Really since when was it not idiotic to not let other people have an opinion and assume that your options are facts! I very much enjoy stings work and own many clips from them so who is trolling who here seems you should get your facts right before you form an opinion on someone. Since when was it not idiotic to publicly bash someone saying they should learn to be useful to society! How dare you learn some manners and respect that what people in society do! And I like a spanking where you can see the guy in all glory etc and sting make the best videos... That's an opinion from you not a fact. Your welcome.

      Good one Bruce/Ward not gonna let fights and arguments start yet you post a clearly disrespectful comment.

      Btw people it's okay to have an opinion as longs as it's not disrespectful but beware you'll always get bully's on the internet.

    3. I am sorry, I meant to reject the earlier message, but accidentally let it through. Therefore I have allowed the response through. However, no further argumentative messages will be accepted.

      Please treat each other with respect

  2. You are obviously not watching Sting Hornet series then. Everything's on show!

  3. Ps. People can have an option if you have put work in the public domain be that of clips from studios, music, film, fashion whatever people have a right to comment on what they think could be better or what they would like etc

  4. Without raising any more hackles here I can't see what the problem is. In 95% of their stuff you get to see the meat and veg and more!

  5. I once read in the New York Times I think that most critics are unpublished writers, unsold artists and wanna be film makers and script writers. who knows there might be something in that.

  6. I once was told you can't believe everything you read in the papers... Who knows there might be something in that. if you buy sank yes I can be critical thank you. And if I want to be a film maker in the future that's up to me I'm young so no rush mate!

  7. I sure think your gonna have great difficulty with criticism when the time comes. Hopefully not.