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Sunday, 16 February 2014

East Europe Boys - Video Clips Part 1

Daniel is a young Boy of 20 years, is an amateur boxer, who arrives for a casting. After a dialogue, introducing himself to his master, Daniel is made ​​to strip. He then receives a painful hand spanking followed by a belting.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

The latest installment of the ordeal of the two Lukas boys is off topic for a spanking blog, therefore the pictures and preview trailer have been posted to JockSpank 2 and can be viewed by clicking here

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. I love the models at this site. The new "master" is a good addition, as is the new spanking model, Daniel. I hope to see him over the new master's knee sometime soon. Love Lukas and Lukas. Very sexy.

  2. East Europe is great! Clips are consistently great.

    Above, in stills from the latest Sting movie, The Governor's Choice, Part 2, East Europe's handsome star Pavel Tom is featured as Adam Ashton. I've enjoyed his work so many times at East Europe. The best East Europe movie last year, in my opinion, was Pavel Tom bastinado, a tremendous two parter that came out at the end of last year. All classic elements of a terrific spanking movie were there: real surprise, danger, fury and agony. It will be quite interesting to see what Rich does to Adam/Pavel Tom on the Sting movie stage. Lately, I've been grooving to Christian over the knee wooden spoon and Christian over the knee bath brush. These are the best over the knee spankings available, in my opinion. Real fury by the master, agony for Christian. Breath taking close up camera angles. Christian's beautiful butt gets bruised magnificently. Christian screams. Don't miss them. Also a new Christian bastinado out last week, Again, the Master does not hold back. Christian wears his magnificent denim while the sensitive soles of his feet are beaten. Then the jeans come down and Christian's gorgeous butt is targeted. Christian's reactions are breath taking. Wonderful stuff!.