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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mik - A water prank

This weekend at BBFC: Mik spends ages thinking of new ways to annoy his brother, he can also spend ages preparing a prank. He sets up a bottle of water over a door with a trip wire and leaves the trap set for Cal. 

You have to ask if he knows cal is going to be mad and spank him why do it? Is it he just has to be naughty or does he secretly want a spanking?

Right on que cal walks through the door and the water drops on him soaking the back of his T shirt. Furious he calls Mik and, who is quite happy with the result, and launches into a rage.

Mik is thrown over the table and Cal, with wet t shirt removed, spanks him soundly.

 Very soon Mik has a lovely red bum and no matter how he moans and struggles Cal keeps him pinned down and keeps the swats coming.


Once the guy is thoroughly spanked Cal makes him get a mop and clean up all the water that is on the kitchen floor. What ever will Mik get up to next? I have no idea but I am sure he will get up to something as he is a brat!

Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. can someone tell me how I can email the producer of BBFC? any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. Hi

      The contact address on the British Boys Fetish Club website is

      or you can email:

  2. PLEASE NOTE: I am sorry that a couple of messages have not been approved, the reason for this is that I do not think it is fair to criticize a studio because they don't spank the guy you want to see spanked. The comments have however been passed on to BBFC who are fully aware that some of you would like to see Cal receive a taste of his own medicine from an authority figure.

    Unfortunately, the recent videos were made a couple of months ago, and it has not been possible to put the suggestion to Cal. However, it will be as soon as he is back in contact, if he is willing then I am sure he will get spanked.

    However, it has to be up to the actor to decide what he wants to do, and sometimes tops don't want to be bottoms.

    I will issue an update as soon as I know more


  3. Is the BBFC website working for everyone? I have not been able to login nor has anyone from customer support replied

  4. Hi I have just checked the BBFC site and it is working fine for me, so I suggest you try again.

    Their customer support is located in Europe, where it is still very early, so possibly nobody will have read your message yet. Please be patient