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Thursday, 15 May 2014

East Europe Boys Update #2

This week's second update from regular contributor East Europe Boys, links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.

Patrik is in the park, instead of being at work, but unfortunately for him, Mark finds him and decides to give him a good punishment immediately. Mark returned to the car and collects the tools to punish Patrik. Then Patrik is made to strip and severely punished with the cane, until it breaks, then Mark continues with a leather strap, followed by another short leather strap.

0133 army (part 1)
The two soldiers complain about the punishment suffered previously in the corridor, not realizing that the sergeant can hear their comments. He makes them return to the marshal's office for further punishment. The marshal decided for a new and more harsh punishment using a whip on the soldiers bare ass.

THE DELAY (part 1)
The two Petrs are expected to work, but arrive after a significant delay. The masters decided to punish them. The first guy is punished with a short leather strap on the bare feet. Then Petr receives a vigorous spanking by hand over the master's knee. Petr, writhes in pain, and has to be held firmly.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. The pictures posted here to JockSpank are of much better quality than the original photos themselves from the East Europe Boys sites. I was wondering what graphics program is used to enhance the quality of these photos? I subscribe to 4 East Europe Boys sites and there a a lot of photos I would like to download if I had a way to enhance the quality of them.

    1. Hi Swatter

      The pictures which appear here are taken from the Photo Preview files at Spanking Boys Video they are the originals and not enhanced.



    2. Best way to get better quality photos is to download the HD clip and screen capture pics etc much better quality that way you could just print page and cut copy in paint takes longer but can get a better pic. Just some tips for you swatter. :) I know how annoying it is I think all studios should do HQ PICS

    3. I think sting use Abdobe or sank to enhance or do there pics.

    4. Hi Sting don't use Adobe to enhance the High definition photos 99% of their stills are from a professional high resolution still camera.

      On the few occasions when they use screen grabs these do occasionally get enhanced in Photoshop. However with the new 1080p definition film, enhancement isn't required as the pictures are so crisp and clear.