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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Three trailers from East Europe Boys #2

This week's second update from regular contributor East Europe Boys, links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.
The master continues spanking Pavel because he needs to repay his debt from the ping pong bet. The master spanks his bare ass with his flip flop and his hand until it is totally red. Pavel feels a lot of pain but he stays stoic and tries to resist the pain from the spanking.

0132 army (part 3)
Erik continues receiving a leather straping on his ass while Patrik is waiting for his own turn. Then Patric is strapped until marshal says enough. Then the soldiers choose cards and the punishment continues with a hand spank on their bare ass. At the end the marshal surveys their asses and give them a permission to leave his office.


Christian is caught in his room by his coach while jerking off. The coach is very upset about Christian because he lost his fotball match. The coach ties Christian's arms on the bed and spank his feet with leather straps. At the end the coach spanks his bare ass with the long leather strap. At the end Christian promises he will be a much better football player and thanks his coach for the punishment. When Christian leaves the punishment his feet are very soar so he needs to massage his feet in his room.

 Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Bastinado Boy8 May 2014 at 13:08

    Great clips above. Pavel Tom in his 3rd wheelbarrow spanking to date at East Europe. A gorgeous hunk gets it. Also Christian the magnificent is driven to heavenly agony as he is strapped down. His feet and beautiful butt are assaulted over and over by straps. Very sexy to see Christian in agony, rolling around, face down, wearing a sexy shirt.! More, please! Next time, same position for Christian, face down bastinado and leave his denim jeans on!

  2. Just HOW does a person go about downloading the still pics from these sites as individual jpegs? I subscribe to 4 of these sites and when I want to DL still pictures all I get is a file called Immagine.ashx.jpg each time. The image is there, but the next image will have the same name, etc. Each new pic erases the prior one because they all have the same name. I have tried Save Image As Save Link As and Save Picture As and the results are the same. I am using Firefox and Internet Explorer. How does one download these photos?

    1. To download individual files to your hard drive from this site using Firefox, right click on the image, select "save image as" then highlight the file name Immagine.ashx and then give each image an individual file name such as NaughtyPavel01, NaughtyPavel02, NaughtyPavel03 etc

      I think the procedure is similar using IE