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Friday, 13 June 2014

JockSpank Update No: 4

The following message was posted to the JockSpank Google group yesterday.  Here is the latest update from JockSpank.

I am delighted to tell you that progress is finally being made and that I hope to be in a position to make an announcement about the future of JockSpank and Feel the Sting in the not too distant future:

Meanwhile “In Case You Missed Then” here is a list of the postings which have been made to JockSpank since the last update

We have had two Sting, both with Video trailers featuring their new releases –
The Sixth Formers - Imperfect prefects:

The Punishment Room 2- featuring a new punishment bench especially commissioned by Sting and based on an authentic benches in museums

 We have had four updates from British Boys Fetish Club –
And fifteen from East Europe Boys separated into five separate postings:

There have been four postings featuring new videos from Straight Lads Spanked:


Other postings have been :
Spanking Central – Zach Double Strap:

Directed by Doctor Spelpz – Barry OTK, in his own words:

 A new release fromMans Hand Films – Turn By – Turn On

And last but not least were the Saturday Spankables:

Thanks for staying with JockSpank, if anything happens to this blog, notices will be published at :

Please keep a note of those links so that you can find us if the worst happens


  1. I don't understand this post?

    1. Hi We have started doing updates every week or so, so as to keep visitors to this blog and members of the JockSpank Google Group up to date with what is going on.

      We also use it as a reminder of the recent postings in case anyone missed them.

      We hope to be making an important announcement soon, and plan to include this in a future update.

  2. Yeah it's a very good idea to have the weeks past updates on here. I'm always on everyday so I don't miss much.