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Sunday, 22 June 2014

This week's visit to East Europe Boys #1

Here is this week's first of two update from regular contributor East Europe Boys, links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership

Jerry is in trouble again, and is called by the master who decides to give him a another severe punishment. Jerry has to bend across the master's knee and is spanked with a belt, first on his football shorts and then bare butt. The belting spanking is followed by a another vigorous spanking with leather short strap.

Pavel comes home from school very late, because he visited his girlfriend. His angry father sends him to the room to wait for his severe punishment. Then the father arrives, removes his belt and makes Pavel strip down and flogs his ass with the leather belt.

CHRISTIAN and PATRIK 2 (part 3)
The two guys each choose a card for each, and the master spanks them by hand, first one and then the other. At the end the master ask the boys a few questions about their punishment.



Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. I must commend this studio as they continue to have new models and always quite fit models and they don't come across to twinkish like some guys do just hot looking models. Also always have good crotch shots and wide shots where you can see the whole of the guy very well done some studios do struggle with this. Always make the guys feel the punishment which again is good and have good red asses also you do good otk don't stop spanking when its just getting interesting like some stuidois do so. Well done. Pat you on the back my friend.

  2. Out this week at East Europe,, two breathtakers . . . first the always gorgeous Pavel Tom kneels before his master for his latest punishment. Also, the beautiful Christian, I'm Ready Sir," lays his magnificent body over a stool and is whipped repeatedly by the master. Hot & gorgeous, what East Europe is known for. Again, I miss reglar and cherished models, Lukas Liz and Davide, hope to see them return. Tomorrow, on Wednesday check for next week's releases. See what they've been working on all week. What gorgeous positions will Christian's heavenly body be put in while he suffers in agony. More bastinado for Christian and Pavel Tom, give it to them both long and hard . .