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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Visit to East Europe Boys (Part 2)

This week's second update from regular contributor East Europe Boys, links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.  

Christian is ready for to continue the severe punishment session, his master punishes him with a leather strap and then moves on to using the wooden paddle. Christian prides himself in being able to take it and does so very stoically although it's easy to see he's using all his will power to do so.


0136 army (part 1)
The soldier Jerry reports to the sergeant, to be again severely punished. Jerry receives a severe hard spanking with the leather strap, first on his pants, then bare butt.

After Jirka's earlier punishment on the soles of his feet, he is now beaten on the bottom with a cane first and then spanked by hand, as he writhes around in agony.

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. Above, the delectable Christian in denim shorts, hurt hard by the menacing and magnificent long wooden paddle. The one with the world's cutest butt takes it again and again. Christian's first East Europe clip was in August, 2013; a classic and simple over the Master's knee clip, (with magnificent camera angles and close ups.) Since then, (for Sting, as well,) spanking videos have been enriched by this beautiful boy's stamina in ability to take harder and harder hurtful punishments from the Master. Please, East Europe and Christian, another year of magnificence . . .

  2. The best East Europe clips I've seen are: (dates are when available at
    #12 11/27/13, Lukas Liz, I'm Ready, Sir (two parter,) the Prince Lukas Liz, (the East Europe model w/the Royal butt,) lays face down over a low table. The Master pounds Lukas Liz several paddles, including the long wooden one. During his ordeal, Lukas' Royal butt can be fixated upon, feast your eyes on his glory!
    #11 3/1/14 Christian Caning, wheelbarrow, wearing gorgeous denim at first, the lovely one is soundly thrashed, a clip of sheer beauty. The Master reaches down, unbuttons lovely's jeans and pulls them off without missing a beat!

  3. #10, 12/20/12, Michal, Strict Discipline, gorgeous Michal, (we miss you badly,) lies face down across the arms of a large chair. The Master knocks the daylights out of Michal and he becomes disoriented, it hurts him so bad. His lovely buttocks twists and turns in agony. A spellbinder.
    #9, 9/6/13, Harry Cries, hugely popular for months at Clips4Sale, the blonde Harry starts sobbing early in this clip as his magnificent butt is beaten soundly by the Master. Harry sobs louder and louder, the tears flow. The Master shows no mercy, a brilliant classic!
    #8, 8/16/13, Christian, his magnificence's first clip. The camera angles and close-ups excel. Christian's head and necklace bobs to the beat. The Master keeps examining Christian's to die for butt, maybe in disbelief that buttocks could be so beautifully proportioned.

  4. #7,1/23/14, Christian OTK Wooden spoon and bath brush, this two part clip is the best OTK ever made. The Master truly slams Christian's beautiful butt with no mercy. His butt is well bruised by the end. Even Christian cannot believe what he is in for, the wrath of the Master. A work of art and symphony as the fury is to see to be believed.
    #6, 6/27/12, Davide Wooden Spoon Feet, I miss Davide bad. He made so many classics w/East Europe, (and Sting.) This is a simple and gorgeous video. Davide lies on the floor in tight brown shorts. The camera angles of Davide's agonized face are astounding as the Master bastinados the soles of his tender feet, over and over. Towards the end, Davide's shorts are removed and we see a few minutes of heaven.

  5. #5, 2/12/13, Davide is put in the truly gorgeous and breathtaking, riding a horse position. His feet are repeatedly bastinadoed and Davide expresses his agony for 20 minutes. Magnificent!
    #4, Michael Ra, my top 4 choices are all the same scenario and set, all two parters. Each gorgeous East Europe model lies face down. Their feet are strapped down to the top of a low bed. The Master wallops their feet in bastinado. Their reactions are breathtaking as they feel true agony, some for the first time. Michael Ra reacts least in pain and I still love the clip for the Master's savagery.
    #3, 12/10/13, Lukas Liz, two part, screams in pain as over and over his feet are hit. (I miss you Prince, please come back to East Europe.) The Prince gets hurt so bad in this epic clip that he may have quit East Europe because of his agony.

  6. #2, 1/5/14, Christian, wearing jeans, Christian gets strapped in the same position. His shock at the severity of the bastinado agony pain and resulting screams are magnificent. Over and over, hit after hit, the Master does not let up on the magnificent one. The denim is removed and the glorious masterpiece continues, truly devastating Christian in severe agony pain he never dreamed could hurt so much.
    #1, 11/20/13, Pavel Tom, same scenario. The handsome beauty lies face down wearing tight white underwear. The Master hits the soles of his feet. Pavel Tom's reactions are spellbinding as he yells out in agony, over and over. The underwear is pulled down and we see some 40 minutes of absolute heaven. Pavel Tom is agonized so much, he forgets where he is and that the camera is on. Pavel Tom chews the rug to try and relieve his pain. The Master is merciless and relentless! The best clips ever made.

  7. Bastinado Boy I think we get the message you like the guys at the er Orange Studio!

  8. It's true. Two more magnificent East Europe clips:
    #1A, 5/9/14, Christian Paddle. The Master makes Christian kneel naked on a chair. The Master relentlessly hits Christian with a wooden paddle. The Master gets a rhythm going and Christian is put in agony. A marvelous spanking clip. Christian's heavenly butt is bruised by the end.
    #1B, 5/9/14, Christian & Patrick 2, Pt. 1, Christian gets belted with the nine tails in beautiful denim jeans and then the pants come down. Christian wears tight, clinging, red Calvin Kline underwear, with a gold strip around the top. The best underwear ever worn on the best East Europe buttocks makes for one spellbinding, nourishing, spanking clip, believe me. See it for yourself. More please.

  9. #1C, 1/4/13, Filip. He made amazing spanking movies, with a great body and terrific reactions. All Filip's clips are great; here the Master punishes Filip relentlessly with a variety of paddles.

  10. Other terrific East Europe clips: Lukas Hu Brush, (beautiful bruising,) Josef Feet (bastinado while the cutie kneels,) Filip Wooden Spoon, (wheelbarrow,) the 4 Jimmy clips, (especially the first two to see this blonde's heavenly body,) Spanking Army Boys 60, (Filip's masterpiece, the Master goes all out, on a rampage, to hurt this cutie bad boy) and so many more!

  11. Correction, It's Spanking Army Boys #59 that is Filip's masterpiece, although #60 is also great!