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Saturday, 19 July 2014

BBFC: Toby never learns

This Weekend's update at British Boys: Having a sneaky smoke outside and hoping that no one will notice, but leaving the door open so the smell wafts through the apartment, Toby is breaking a cardinal rule. 

 Caught red handed smoking he gets a lecture and a session OTK, spanked on the jeans and white underwear. He is told at the end to mend his ways or else.


As soon as he is left alone he flips the bird and dives under the sofa for his secret stash of cigarettes and goes back on the balcony to have another smoke. 

What is going through the lads mind I dont know, he should have leaned from his first spanking that it is a no no to smoke here, but lads will be lads and there he is puffing away again. It is a matter of seconds before he is caught and dragged into the bedroom by the ear and gets a strict dressing down. 

This time it is a bare ass spanking OTK and his smooth little bum is soon glowing nicely. He is told to stand and face the wall and think about things for a minute before being asked to hand over all cigarettes.   



The closing shot of Toby sat on the sofa head in hands says it all, but does it say lesson learned I wonder


Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights

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  1. Tony good but Craig is better at Spanking