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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kel spanked till he cums

This weekend's rather rude update from BBFC: Enjoying his solitary pleasures in the afternoon instead of working Kel is quite happy until he is caught red handed.

He pulls the covers over himself in an attempt to hide his handiwork but its no good he needs a spanking to remind him of the right priorities. Pulled OTK while still in a state of high excitement Kel gets his butt spanked hard. 

This seems to have the right effect because no matter how much it hurts he stays wildly excited. Each swat makes him ride the supporting leg harder and that keeps him in a balance of enjoyment and pain. 





Finally it is too much and he shoots his load as he is spanked.

Once this is noticed he is thrown down across the sofa and given a few hard swats and Tony storms off leaving him rubbing his butt and wondering if he enjoyed it that much really

Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. Hmm... Not at all desirable the wanking should be separate I find this a turn off. Sorry guys.

  2. I saw this type of scene before in a sting film but cant remember the name if anyone knows?

  3. He needs to learn control. if i was his master i would soundly cane him OTK to teach him a lesson! i have had this done to me and it works lesson learned!

  4. Think its brill: cute slim lad,good dad. Have heard of being spanked to climax but never seen it done or better still filmed. Well doen BBFC

  5. Very Hot!!! Don't be influenced by that first comment from Anonymous! It is very hot to see a good looking young lad cum over the knee while being spanked!!! Very rarely filmed! Please do more!!! Thanks!!!!!!! ~ ~ ~<===3

  6. Love the mixture of a hard on and spanking. MORE!

  7. Yes! I agree with those comments! It's very sexy to see a guy get hard while he is being spanked! He is embarrassed and his ass is being spanked and then he gets a hard on and starts to cum!!! It's the best video ever!!!!!

  8. Yeah, it happens to young guys over their Dad's knee - happened to me once - I sprayed the old man's best jeans!! He got me up and started with his belt on my butt - he had a greater swing at it with me standing!!

  9. Got the short thin cane recently [made for OTK nursery cane] bare bottom OTK! Very Old school and juvenile! but due to all my wriggling kicking and squirming Came on the lap, very intense specail attention paid to the sit spots and bottom crease

  10. Recently got the switch legs up for cumming during an OTK spanking howling? You bet learning not to?!!!!

  11. When I was at school I got spanked a lot by my teachers on my bare bottom a lot of times it made me ejaculate which really annoyed them as they thought I was enjoying it

  12. I got spanked today by a man for insulting his wife he put me over his knee and spanked my bare bottom he was annoyed because I cum while he was spanking me he doesn't know how much I love it