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Sunday, 6 July 2014

NTO Communications - "Diva Dakota" (Starring Dakota Brittain)

Diva Dakota:  Director Alan Powers and arrogant star Dakota Brittain are going over the next days' shoot. Dakota is being his usual obnoxious self, making all kinds of unreasonable demands, which Alan goes along with to keep Dakota happy - at the end reminding him not to be late for tomorrow's shoot. The next morning Alan storms into Dakota's bedroom demanding to know why he failed to show up for the shoot

Finding Dakota's attitude unacceptable, Alan hauls Dakota over his knee for a sound hand spanking.

With Dakota still unrepentant, Alan decides to get more serious, taking Dakota out into the living room for a hard rapid-fire paddling and strapping 

and finally a severe dose of the razor strap; which finally gets Dakota to admit he was wrong and promise to behave better from now on. 

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  1. Dakota is still looking good. I will come back and buy this on pay day :)

  2. >> "Diva Dakota" (Staring Dakota Brittain)

    STARRING, not "staring."

  3. Sorry this is not my type a bit too girlie for me.

  4. Dakota looks better than good Hannibal, he looks amazing and so sexy now days! Wow! I'll be buying every one of his new videos. So glad he's back and hotter than ever! Keep up the great work Dakota.

  5. Schoolboy Spanker8 July 2014 at 15:44

    usually don't comment these things.
    must say though the promo video was very well done. I felt as a fan it was very personal Dakota talking to his fans and that pulled me in. nto company is lucky to acquire such a great hot model in Dakota and only hope they take advantage and use him to the fullest. I'm buying this one for sure mates. Cheers!

  6. Bought this! Added to my huge collection of Dakota videos. Amazing and intense! Hope Dakota makes a "" comeback :) please!

  7. Don't know who reads these, but for those who do, I bought this video and it's amazing! By far one of Dakota's best yet and if you're a huge Dakota Brittain fan like I am, then you'll want this video for sure guys.

  8. I have bought this video, and it is terrific. I have a large collection of spanking videos, and I think this one, with Dakota Brittain, is one of the top three male spanking videos that I have ever seen. Guys, don't miss this one....

  9. KorporaLKen32322 July 2014 at 00:03

    Please spread the word, this video is damn hot. Please produce MORE of Dakota Brittain. and.... Please put Dakota in videos with other models.
    Thanks, Ken.

  10. my review may not be as positive as the others. NTO should get some new tops! And the website? Amateur hour here. Only positive here is your model Dakota. Dakota is great.