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Friday, 4 July 2014

Sting: Army Cadets 4 (Part 3 of 3)

 The third set of images from Army Cadets 4

A clean and serviceable rife is an essential part of any cadet’s kit. Not so in the case of trooper Clarke (Rudi Vallance) his weapon is found to be far below standard. Sent by the C.O. for some off the record corrective treatment he too finds himself over the knee of the platoon Sergeant.

This cadet, also the regimental rugby team captain, is really feeling the stinging slaps the Sergeant can deliver on to his well-rounded and muscular bare bottom.

This time however to follow up its going to be the training whip much used in a cavalry regiment’s such as this. This instrument with its fiery lash can be just as effective on the rump of a young cadet as it is on the rear of a stallion in training.

The training NCO Sergeant Chambers (Marco) himself is not beyond reproach and the C.O. is very annoyed by his misconduct. Meeting up in the training room it’s the Sergeant now who is feeling the bitter sting of a good spanking! 

After which the saddle strap will be burning its message in to his rounded bare bottom! The sharp scorching kiss of old oiled leather on defenceless bare skin is a familiar sound in the regiment, good military discipline will be maintained no matter what!

Preview trailer

Staring Darren, Rudi Vallance, Nicolas Salter and Marco

Links provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual ownership


  1. Certainly tickled my fancy! What lovely bums - and those cheeky little shorts!
    Marco's an old favorite of mine. Not so sure about him being the spanker though - and the specs don't do much for him - but as a spankee...... easily the best bum on the net. :>

  2. I agree Keith, Marco is extremely sexy, and loved seeing him receive a good spanking.One of the best bottoms on Sting.

  3. Very hot preview vid.