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Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Very Hard Punishment at the Magic Spanking Factory

Very Hard Punishment is a new and long awaited release from the Magic Spanking Factory

I will leave it to Just Magic to describe this video
"Very Hard Punishment" --- And HARD it was! Little Fooxy is caught smoking my cigarettes in my living room.

I had warned him numerous times what would happen ig this ever happened again. The silly boy decided though that he knew best or perhaps he thought he could get away with it. Well he didn't.

Dragging him over my knee I start to thump his muscular little boy buttocks through his tight shorts. They are removed soon enough though and his grunting just gets louder and louder. I knew it would get even louder when I took my heavy leather belt to his sweet backside and Little Foxxy didn't disappoint.

With him now lying over the table I really whip his naked backside. He grunts and groans and writhes to avoid his inevitable and deserved beating. Throwing, at the end, my belt down I give him a last few very heavy swats with my hand. That will have taught him a lesson he sorely needed.

Links  provided out of respect for the Magic Spanking Factory's intellectual ownership 


  1. The second and third last pictures will be classic.
    Great to see these dudes back. What the hell have they being doing the last few months?

  2. Buying in beer to celebrate the World Cup. :-)

  3. nice clip if had recieved a sound bare bottom OTK spanking and a hard belt spanking when i was younger for smoking i doubt i would be smoking now! well theres still time!!

  4. Another high class video by the master of boy bottom disaster himself and sweet Little Foxxy. Highly recommended for every dad/son spanking connaisseur! :-)

    Blackfield II

  5. so muss es sein
    ein tomatenroter Arsch fürs rauchen