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Saturday, 2 August 2014

BBFC: David Breaks the Rule (involves sexual content)

In this week-end's particularly naughty update from British Boys: David is home alone and has decided to spend the afternoon engaged in personal pleasures, He settles down and starts to amuse himself, he has bought a rule with him so he can check his size as well - a little optimistic looking at the size of David and the size of the rule.

He is just getting going when Craig returns home unexpectedly and catches him. Now normally Craig would go mad at finding a lad jerking in the main room - these things are best confined to the bathroom or the lads own room in his mind. 

Craig grabs the somewhat embarrassed and aroused David and gets him OTK and starts to lay on a few well deserved swats.

 But in order to serve a reminder he carries on spanking as Davis starts to play with himself. The hand is replaced with the plastic rule that David was using and after a few whacks the thing snaps and this just seems to make David more excited.



Craig changes the position to head over heels and spanks the lad on each cheek and then in the middle as David jerks away.



  Things must be done right as David blows his load as Craig spanks him.

The final swat lands and left in no doubt about the benefits of a good spanking cleans up and sits there wondering if he will do it again for the hell of it 

Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. Would have been perfect without the sexual content to me it ruined it.

    please don't mix them have them in septrate scenes please my darlins. Kisses x

  2. That HOH ( HEAD OVER HEELS) position is hot but without the sex.
    Much better when you have a good spanker as well the guy just has to stay there it must be so embarssing. I likey..
    More of this after an otk BBFC. ;)

  3. Naughty boy! Go ahead, do it again! :)

  4. I think this is one of the best gay blogs. I quite like spanking and explicit sex put together, I think it adds some variety considering that the vast majority of the posts are strictly spanking scenes.

  5. I'm 20 years old and still get a slapping when my folks catch me jerking off. I'd enjoy the beatings more if Craig was dishing them out to me though.