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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Straight Lads Spanked - Movie Release Vote

Straight Lads Spanked have again offered their members the chance to vote what the next site update will be, from a selection of three 

Parker - Office Bully Spanked
A handsome but arrogant office bully is sent to Mr. X to learn the error of his ways, by means of a very sore bottom. 

Spanking Competition (Part 2) Wayne and Fred
Wayne, the winner of part one, takes on Fred in a competition to determine who can take the hardest and longest bare bottom spanking 

Wayne and Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Part 2)
 In Part One Wayne and Adam's bare bottoms were soundly spanked, now the two naughty boys nervously wait for Adam's Dad to return from work to impose the second part of their punishment, with his belt!

Which is your favourite? Only members of Straight Lads Spanked can vote, but why not visit the site by CLICKING HERE to read the discussion as they decide which one will win
Links provided out of respect for Straight Lads Spanked intellectual property rights


  1. I will be choosing Parker because he looks great :)

    1. Thanks! I agree, Parker has a great look! As it happens the votes are just in and Wayne & Adam clinched it! :)

  2. Sorry but the music doesn't suit the trailer it would have been so much better without. Too Friday the 13th !. The last bit was great though. They aren't really movies by the way they are video clips.

    1. They are more than just clips, on average they at least 20 minutes long, and usually tell a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end

  3. Hey, thanks for the feedback about the music on the trailer. As for them being video clips, well I did have a think about this and they are not actually clips of of anything. As Ward says they are full length stories..... but hey, who cares what we call them as long as we get to see some deserving lad getting his bottom spanked!