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Saturday, 6 September 2014

BBFC: Something naughty this way comes

 This weekend's update from British Boys is an epic triple spanking! 

Rod settles down to enjoy a lazy afternoon playing with himself. he has a good time and after he has blown his load and mopped up he dozes off.

Toby comes into the room and sees what has happened and starts to tease Rod, not a wise move as Rod grabs hold of him and drags him OTK and spanks him hard for being a brat.

On the shorts first then the tighty whitey boxers and finally the bare ass  ..

.. but it is a noisy affair and the racket attracts the attention of Cal who has been left in charge of the house and he comes into the room with a paddle in hand ready to restore calm.

A shocked Rod drops Toby and finds himself being manhandled across Cals lap and the paddle cracking down on his ass.

Cal switches between the hand and the paddle to keep the action going. Rod has a great butt and it colours up well as Cal spanks him. 

But unknown to all Craig has returned home and enters the room with a strap in hand.

He is not happy that Cal has failed to keep the boys in hand and Cal finds himself over the sofa getting his butt blistered by a very angry man. 

This is not only painful but humiliating as the other two lads watch. 


Craig finishes and orders them all from the room and sighs and wonders what he is to with them all. 

A great long clip with 3 spankings of really hot guys


 Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights


  1. Amazing. Love to see a boy who struggles.

    As to when Craig is in need of a spanking I want it firmly understood that I'm first in the queue.

  2. Looks interesting. Id like to see a trailer thank you to you please thanking you.