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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Saturday Spankables

We kick off this week with an army of handsome and spankable huinks selected for our enjoyment by 
Scott Norway

The next ten Spankables were tracked down, trussed up and sent to us by Rich O'Shea from Sting

Now Some Spankables From Bruce's Vast Collection

As the spankables selected for JockSpank by the excellent SoupGoblin this week would qualify more as bears than they do as Jocks, I have posted them to our backup blog JockSpank II.  Those of you who prefer your Spankables with extra meat should


  1. I would argue that most of those are jocks as well as being bears. I don't think most automatically equate "jock" with "twink" the way you seem to be.

  2. I have to agree with the above poster. Soupgoblin's bigger guys are not exactly my cup of tea, but I find them much more appealing than skinny guys with little or no muscle tone. The name of this blog IS "Jock Spank" after all. The regular Saturday Spankables feature has shown an alarming trend toward twinks over the past year or so. Not to seem ungrateful; I appreciate the fact that anything is posted at all...I'd just like to see the "jock" put back in "Jock Spank".

  3. On the other hand I'm not sure a guy weighing 250 pounds is everyone's idea of a "Jock" either. Poor Ward and Bruce, they can't win, it they had posted the heavy guy here someone else would have complained.

  4. A "jock" can be an athlete in any sport. Guys with swimmer builds fit into that category, although some may also categorize them as "twinks" (especially if they're young and gorgeous).

  5. I'm pretty sure the closest the guy in the second picture Scott posted ever got to a sport was flipping past women's basketball while looking for the Lifetime channel.