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Saturday, 18 October 2014

BBFC: Jimmy Bills

This weekend's update at BBFC: Jimmy is, as always with these lads, playing on his mobile when in storms Uncle and confronts him with the bill.

 Jimmy’s attitude is one of ''like I care'' and he just looks disinterested. 

Uncle decides to make him interested and grabs hold of him by the ear and pulls him up and over his knee.


He gives the lad a darned good spanking, and Jimmy’s smooth little butt is one that always looks better after a few good swats.

The howling lad, Jimmy has always been vocal, squirms just that bit too much and Uncle has to control and restrain him by gripping his ear. lets face it that’s why these naughty boys have ears, so they can be kept in line. 

Once he has warmed Jimmy’s butt nicely the guy is told to kneel on the couch and Uncle gets the paddle and lays that on in a series of super strokes. 


Once the point has been made and Jimmy has a suitably hot rear end a final tweak of the ear leaves the guy sitting there wondering if online games are really worth the pain.


Links are provided out of respect for British Boy's intellectual Property rights

1 comment:

  1. If naughty boys have ears so they can be kept in line - they also have cute bums that invite lots of disciplinary attention.