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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sting: Flogging 2 - Bound for Borstal

Justin’s Uncle had vowed to look after him while his parents were abroad. However things weren’t really going to plan as the head strong Justin (Johnny Hayward) wasn’t having any of this towing the line and being a good boy malarkey

Finally shoplifting got him is to real trouble and his exasperated Uncle saw corporal punishment as perhaps the only way out! For Justin there was now no way out and he received a very hard, butt throbbing, bare bottom spanking.

Unfortunately while it left the boy with a very sore behind the impact of this first punishment was to slowly wear off. He’d been warned several times that if he didn’t listen to reason he was on a collision course for Borstal!

As often happens the prophecy came true! After breaking the law again a local juvenile court sentenced Justin to time served in a Borstal and added strokes of the birch to be part of the punishment.
 After being appropriately prepared ...

At the time this didn’t particularly faze this cocky lad but on the day the birch was to be administered to his bare bottom it would be a revelation.

The officer charged with laying it on had seen it all before....

 By fair means or foul he would make sure Justin’s bottom burned so badly he’d never ever want to come back for more.

Justin does not remain stoic for long!

Johnny Hayward plays Justin

Video preview trailer

Links provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights

1 comment:

  1. Johnny Hayward stars above in Sting Raw, Flogging 2, Bound for Borstal. The trailer is magnificent and I am buying this video from Sting! Johnny's magnificent butt is put in the most provocative and sexy positions imaginable! The close up camera angles are breathtaking. The lighting and audio is superb. After being birched, chili extract is rubbed into Johnny's broken flesh for a deep, throbbing pain. Johnny growls in agony! Music to my ears. Let it continue, the hurting of Johnny. As we know, Johnny also works for East Europe Boys as Christian. His magnificence has made many memorable and wonderful spanking movies for East Europe as well as Sting Pictures. It is cool that these two magnificent spanking studios in Prague share spanking stars. I have always thought that Christian/Johnny Hayward's best ever movies are the two-parter for East Europe, released at Clips4Sale on Jan. 5, 2014: Christian Bastinado and Christian Strap. However, this marvelous Sting video may top those. I will let you know my opinion after I buy and download Sting Raw Flogging 2, Bound for Borstal!