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Saturday, 29 November 2014

BBFC: Cal gets his Comeuppance

This weekend's update at British Boys is "Cal gets his Comeuppance"

 Craig is in no mood for messing and Cal has upset him.

 Telling Cal to stand and 'drop ém ' he has the guy OTK and is really laying on the swats.

  Cal's butt is glowing quickly and the red glow is spreading outside his white briefs.

Once these are pulled down Cal's glowing buns get more of the same and even when he tries to protect his rear Craig is too strong for him and holds his hands away from the target area. 

Cal's lovely red ass is soon exposed and getting some attitude adjustment treatment.


Craig stops for a moment and Cal stands and has a chance to pull up his underwear, which I am sure is not allowed, but it just a pause as Craig gets a chair and bends Cal over it before laying on the belt and the paddle, with the occasional hand swat as well to keep the guy guessing. 



Of course the briefs are down and his bare ass gets the paddle cracking down on it. 


Job done and one well spanked guy standing there rubbing his blistered butt Craig leaves him to it. 

Cal takes a great spanking right through the clip and his butt is a picture at the end


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights



  1. Carl could have been me! As it was very recently spanked in similar way but I'm got the thin nursery cane over the knee as kept putting my hands in th way and wriggling kicking and clenching lots of hot tears in was spanked strapped and caned just for resisting punishment spanking!! Seems unfair to me? What do others think?

    1. Hi Paul

      I am sure that some people would think that resisting punishment means you were even more deserving of punishment.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I have your comment, and I appreciate that you took time in writing it, however, I do not think that the way you have expressed it is fair comment. Constructive criticism is welcome as long as it is not a demand that a clip must meet an individual's personal requirements.

    I have forwarded your comments to the studio, so that they are aware of what you would like to see, and I am sure they will take notice of all suggestions where possible,

    1. Okay fair enough. I'd like to add that if I am buying a clip I expect some requirements to be fulfilled at least. The models where great but as I pointed out if some of them changes had been made Or present it would have made this so much more appealing and enjoyable for me and maybe others. So by leaving the comment I did in hopes It would have got picked up by film makers of this genre.

      Ps. Thanks for sending my message on I appreciate that.

    2. You are welcome, thank you for being so reasonable

  3. This is the second video in which Cal is spanked with his shirt covering that incredible body. Start out with him only in shorts, so he ends up naked, please--& the more OTK by hand, the better!

  4. Wonderful video! I'm looking forward to more videos where Cal is spanked hard OTK while wearing tight-fitting, skimpy briefs like the one he wore in this video.

    P.S. - I don't care whether Cal is shirtless or is wearing a tight-fitting tanktop while being spanked OTK. He looks great either way! But PLEASE have him wear either Speedos or tight, skimpy briefs while he is being spanked.

  5. Would also love to know whether Cal also does porn elsewhere.(?) With that butt (& the rest of his bod), seeing him bottom would be awesome!

    1. I am afraid Cal does not do any other porn at all, he is 100% straight and what he does for BBFC is as far as he is prepared to go.