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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sting: Approved Education 10 - "Senior Boys Suffering" (Part 2)

 The second  set of pictures from Sting's latest release 

You could say Mr Volny is getting to the bottom of things with his older boys! He now deals with another boy in his house, Richards ( New Stinglad Dan Dickinson) 
His cheeky and insolent attitude just lately has now rightly gained him a good spanking. With his pyjama bottoms dropped down his pale little bare backside quickly turns a burning red!

However it’s the housemaster’s belt that really hits the mark. His freshly spanked bottom now becomes painfully raw as the angry strap cracks home.

To close the case of bullying and blackmail by senior boys the Headmaster confronts McDonald (Travis McKinnon) He’s been in league with Williams and now his actions have come home to roost! - and landing where they will do the most good

These senior boys, even up to twenty one, are still made to wear shorts similar to their Borstal equivalents. 
As he’s also seen as the ring leader to further humiliate this boy and to enhance to effectiveness of the punishment to come, he is first shaved by the barber. McDonald doesn’t do spanking pain easily and bucks about wildly as he’s punished across Mr Sharpe’s knee.

However when this warders favourite instrument come in to play, the switch, he really starts to complain! Its biting strokes whip across his muscular bare bottom now blazing and sore from the previous spanking! 

McDonald certainly sets the bench mark for senior boys suffering. 

Links provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights


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  1. These boys REALLY get it in the end! The REAR END!