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Saturday, 6 December 2014

A New Winter in the UK

Earlier this week the authorities in Great Britain took a further step towards becoming the totalitarian state they so clearly aspire to. Ignoring everything which Prohibition taught the civilised word about making outlaws out of innocent citizens, they have imposed new regulations on UK film makers dictating what forms of legal adult activity can, or more particularly cannot, be depicted online by means of Video on Demand in the UK.

Going forward online sites operating from within Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be required to comply with the existing guidelines for the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) which are based on the 1959 Obscene Publications Act - a law enacted 55 years ago. Meanwhile, Video on Demand (VoD) services are regulated by the Authority forTelevision on Demand (ATVOD), which restricts the types of sexual content that UK Video on Demand providers can offer, and they are applying similar standards.  

Following previous legislation, the forms of content which could be sold on DVD in licensed sex shops in the UK were amongst the most limited in the Western World. Under the draconian new regulations, similar limits will be applied to what can be sold online in the UK.

An arbitrary and, some argue sexist, list of prohibited activities has been issued, and although these appear to be largely directed at curtailing acts involving female domination, they will also impact on activities enjoyed by both gay and straight men and the women who enjoy watching them, such as bondage, and, of particular concern to this site, any form of spanking which goes beyond what is opaquely described as “transient and trifling” (a definition so deliberately unclear that it's obvious intent is to discourage all activity – you can be sure the Commissariat of Public Morality will have their own eccentric means of determining what is “trifling”)

Pandora Blake of the Dreams of Spanking Site, goes into greater detail of the impact of these new regulations at her blog “Spanked but not Silenced” here, and she also describes how one can complain to ATVOD here.

Opposition to the new laws is already growing, and there will be a march on Parliament next Friday protesting against them, which I hope fans of JockSpank will support. Further details can be found at this Facebook site.

There is also an e-petition against the legislation which can be signed here.

It is our understanding that, as JockSpank and Feel the Sting do not offer Video on Demand, the new regulations will not affect us at this time. Furthermore, studios which are not based in the UK will not be subject to this legislation and will not be impacted.

There will also be no affect to your access to sites outside the UK, ...... at least not at the moment.

However, the changes are likely to make life difficult for many of our friends operating in Great Britain, and a lot of people we care about. Sadly there will be casualties. Therefore, JockSpank will continue to monitor developments and will keep you informed as to what is happening, and what action you can take if you want to oppose this oppressive and vindictive legislation. 


  1. Such puritanical nonsense. Outlawing porn doesn't make people more moral. All it does it deny them an outlet for their sexual impulses...and, as history has illustrated, sexual repression is not good for ANYONE. When will politicians get out of the bedroom?

    1. They pretend that the changes in the law are to protect children and women from sexual violence. However, the countries where women and children are at most risk from sexual violence are all the most repressive ones. Whereas those countries with the most liberal laws are the safest.

  2. *Shakes Head*

    When there's so many bigger things at hand.