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Sunday, 21 December 2014

East Europe Boys - trailers #1

Here is the first of two updates  from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership. 
MARTIN ME. (part 1)
Now Martin receives a vigorous and painful spanking with a long leather strap on his ass over the master's knee.

  From CollegeBoySpank

ROMAN JA. and PAVEL TO. (part 3)
When Pavel has finished punishing young Roman, the master enters the room He is not pleased, although well deserved, he had not authorized Pavel to Punish Roman. Therefore, the master decides to give another punishment to both boys.

TOM (part 1)
Tom is a 22 year old straight student, he arrives for a casting. After a dialogue, introducing himself to his master, Tom is made ​​to strip. He then is subjected to a painful punishment training with spanking by hand. 

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

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  1. The best 2014 East Europe studio clips are, (dates are when first appeared at Clips4sale:) 1/5 Christian Bastinado & Strap, the best clips this year. Wonderful agony pain inflicted on Christian's feet and he twists his breathtaking slim body & butt and roars in pain. Starts with wonder boy wearing denim clenching his butt in pain and then naked. Christian forgets the cameras are on. A peek into heaven. The menacing master shows no mercy. Awesome! 1/8 Todd Zack, a beautiful body and great reactions. 1/9 Pt. 1, Big paddle used on Christian as he lies helpless across the arms of a large chair. Pt. 2, Christian kneels and hurts so sexily. 1/16 Lukas Liz Silent Toughness, the Prince, the East Europe model w/the royal butt, shows how gorgeous he is and missed so badly! 1/19 Christian Dildo, the master drills Christian's butt w/great closeups of the beautiful one! 1/23 and 1/24 Two Christian gems. The master puts Christian over his knee and shows no mercy. Christian's gorgeous butt is badl;y bruised in these, one clip with the bathbrush, the other with the menacing wooden spoon. The best over the knee m/m spanking vids ever made! 1/31, Pavel Tom returns to where we first met this gorgeous guy two years ago, (although I'd like to see Pavel Tom lose 10 lbs.,) to the brown couch for more bastinado belting. Pavel Tom's reactions are tremendous, as usual. Pavel Tom's career has flourished, now he's a Sting Studio regular! 2/26 the last "Prince" Lukas Liz video for East Europe, his marvelous body gets sprawled out all over Lukas So., (who also retired.) 3/1 Christian caning, belting, bastinado. 4/25 Josef in a great clip, 5/9 Christian paddle, kneels in chair. Master goes to town savagely and Christian huuuurts bad! Breathtaking! Date ___Christian wheelbarrow, wearing jeans, master pulls Christian's denim down without missing a stroke! 7/8 Christian Ready Sir, resting on low stool and walloped. 7/9 Pavel Tom came late, sexily kneels, begs master to stop. 8/7 Pavel Tom struck w/hockey stick, 8/16 Punishment of Christian, wonderboy lies face down on a bed, showing his gorgeous butt and the master bastinados him! 8/26 Strip tease spanking, Christian hit w/many paddles, 8/24 Pavel Tom Boy Service, lies on sofa, clenches his butt and caned! Butt gets striped! 9/24, Justis Pt. 1 & 2, a real beauty! First, Justis lies face down on the bed, master takes off his sweats. Close ups of Justis' butt, so handsome. Pt. 2, Justis butt is laid over the top of the bed frame and walloped by the master. Please, more Justis in 2015! Runner up video of the year, Return of Todd Zack, Pt. 2, 10/4, the close up shots of Todd's beautiful butt are fantastic. The master squeezes Todd's balls and paddles his butt hard. Wonderful reactions! 10/12 Christian is ready, pt. 2, wonderboy lies on table, gorgeous butt close ups and he's bastinadoed! 11/11 Christian contempt for master, another great vid. 2014 was the year of Christian. This studio lost regulars Davide, Lukas Liz, Lukas So. Good new models this year: Peter Ma, great butt but needs to grow some hair, Justis (my dream boy,) Joseph Za, Daniel Ti, Michael Um, Todd Zack and Jirka. The new master is gone, (too talkative.) Please, continue the excellence at East Europe! Christian also made Sting's best 2014 spanking vid, (starring as Johnny Hayward,) chili extract is rubbed into his sore, birched buttocks and then he gets birched some more!!!