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Monday, 1 December 2014

Straight Lads Spanked: Dom Mouth Soaping Spanking

 In a recent update at Straight Lads Spanked Dom pays the price for careless talk, when he receives a phone call from his furious mate Harry who explains that Dom's Dad had spanked him that afternoon!

 Dom can't believe how is Dad has been behaving, and he describes in great detail exactly what he thinks of his father!

 Little does Dom know that his father has come home early and can hear every word!

 Dom is in big trouble!

 Dad has had enough of his son's disrespectful language 

 so drags him over the sink to wash his foul mouth out with soap!

 First with a soapy flannel

 Then with the bar of soap itself

 Dom is made to hold the bar of soap in his mouth

 If that is not bad enough, Dad than grabs a wooden spatula and proceeds to spank Dom whilst he is bent over the sink, starting on the seat of his tracksuit pants ...

 Soon the pants are down and the spatula is whacking Dom's bare bottom

 Dad is very angry and takes it out on Dom's tender and very deserving 
bare bottom

 Next Dom finds himself in a very familiar position, over Dad's knee getting a well deserved bare bottom spanking

 Dom begs Dad to stop

 He insists he has learned his lesson and will be good

 But Dad know better than to believe Dom has learned to be good

 and proceeds to give his son a long, hard and well deserved bare bottom spanking

 Back to the wooden spatula

 Which certainly leaves it mark on Dom's bottom

 He won't be able to sit down any time soon

 Finally dad finishes off with some more hand spanking

 Dom is left with a very sore, bruised, bottom and a soapy clean mouth!
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  1. I love the way "Dad" spanks Dom on the "sit spor" where his bottom meets the top of his legs, that is where it really stings

    1. And Dom has such a tempting "sit spot" !!

  2. The mask is too distracting for me to enjoy this video.

    1. With Dom's bare bottom on show, I doubt most people would be looking at the mask!!

  3. Another great spanking here! I think it'd be great if you changed your available video now, as it's putting me off buying any other of the 'traditional punishment' videos. Again, I think your work is amazing! Thank you.