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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Announcement - Back Up sites

Some Months ago we advised visitors that a recent change to Blogger's terms of use has made it more difficult for adult blogs such as JockSpank and Feel The Sting to continue.

Although we wish to continue to maintain a presence on Blogger and are making every possible effort to comply with Blogger's terms of use, we feel it is necessary to to have a contingency in place in case the situation changes.

We have, therefore, set up two separate sites elsewhere, which will, for the time being act as back up mirror sites to the the main Blogger sites. All postings made to JockSpank and Feel the Sting will very soon also be posted the back up blogs of the same name, although, there may occasionally be a delay or so delay.

The new mirror sites are:

Feel The Sting

The back up sites are not quite ready yet, however, please bookmark these sites, so that you will know where to find us should any problems occur in the future.

As with the Blogger sites the new mirror sites will remain totally free to access and can be viewed without the requirement to register.

It may be that JockSpank and Feet The Sting will move to the new locations on a permanent basis, however, we are well established on Blogger, and, for the time being wish to maintain the new sites as mirror back ups running in conjunction with the main Blogger sites.

There remain some minor teething problems with some of the videos on the new sites, and with some of the older posting, you will need to click on the pictures to see a clearer image.

However, we expect these problems to be resolved shortly.

Although some older comment are visible, the new comment facility have not yet been activated at the new sites.

As state above please bookmark the two Back Up Sites for future use


  1. I hope these sites stay here. You guys do great work at running these blogs on your own free will. I had lots of fun visiting over the years. You guys are like the Google of spanking you outdo any other spanking blogs hands down!

  2. You guys do great work thank you