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Saturday, 31 January 2015

BBFC: David Well Spanked

This weekend at British Boys FC: David is suspended in his tight white underwear awaiting his spanking.

He does not have to wait long before it starts. A few good strokes of the strap gets him swinging around and moaning.

The underwear is pulled down and his smooth little butt gets some of the same.


Once he is warmed up there is a change to the paddle ad that gets him swaying around and swinging back and forth onto the next swat.

Then a change of pace as he finds himself released and OTK for a good hand spanking...

but that is just a prelude to the final set with the brush which has his legs kicking wildly.

The howls he gives out with the brush are great compliment to the satisfying thwack of the brush itself. 

Once he is spanked soundly he is left standing facing the wall and wondering if there is more to come 

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. Nice ass be good to see him really get a proper smacking this is trivial for me. A good spanking is when the lad really feels the pain and his ass is going deep red hard slaps on his ass firm and hard maybe 4-5 mins would do the job of a good hard intense slapping.

  2. Yeah, back in the day when I was a stroppy teenager my old man handed out many a worse whippin' - my butt was frequently deep red!!