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Friday, 16 January 2015

Sting: Off the Record

Here are the HQ pictures and Storyline for "Off the Record" to accompany the Preview trailer which was posted here yesterday
At the 12th Field Cavalry regimental barracks the strict military discipline continues. When the young cadets fail to meet the exacting standards of army training or find themselves on a charge for insubordination they often opt for an alternative punishment. Being off any service records means a blemish free career start. Unfortunately the alternative punishment will not leave the young troopers blemish free! 

 First in front of the CO is cadet trooper LeClerc (Adams Ashton) His tests of elementary training are again not up to scratch. The commanding officer dispatches him off to his training NCO, Sergeant Dubois (Travis McKinnon)
The sergeant un amused at the young cadets failures decides to administer an encouraging spanking to the lads bare bottom.
The cadet reluctantly strips of his army shorts and gets over the knee but after this Sergeant Dubois favourite instrument, the martinet, will be used. Its leather thongs cutting a biting and fiery message in to the cadet hunks already soundly spanked bare bottom. This well known French instrument is a scorcher and no friend to many of the cadets in the old Armée française! Finally the whippy switch makes an end to this cadet’s punishment!

Back in the training room its now cadet trooper Clarke (Rudi Vallance) who’s waiting for a burning appointment with the CO. 

His insolence and general bad behaviour have earned him a good spanking across the knee of his CO.

Starting on his tight combat briefs it’s not long before the lad’s perfect round muscular bare cheeks are bared for further attention.

The COs hand cracks down and Cadet Clarkes jutting out bare bottom is burning and raw. It’s only the arrival of Sergeant Chambers (Marco) bearing a message for The CO that interrupts the painful proceedings.

Not wanting the young trooper to get off that easily he leaves him is the hands of his training sergeant. Sergeant Chambers wastes no time in continuing the cadets punishment and orders him up on the table to do push ups while he encourages the boy with intermittent and stinging cuts of the cavalry riding whip. 

Well. Cadet Trooper Clarke’s bottom is certainly on fire but at least it’s still Off the Record!

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership

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