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Monday, 16 February 2015

Some Vintage Control T #1 (and a question)

Thanks to Helmut for these vintage images from the early Control T video Caught from the 1990's

Control T studio appear to have closed their website, does anyone know if they are still in business or have a new website?  Control T movies are still available for streaming from, however, some people prefer downloads to Streaming, so does anyone know if Control T videos are still available to Download or on DVD and if so, from where?

If anyone has an answer please leave a message in the comments section below.  Thanks for your help..


  1. Here's is a link to TLA Video. I know they carry some Control T Studios titles. I don't believe Control T is in existence any longer. If anyone knows any other sites to buy DVD's or download rather than stream I'd be interested as well. I used to enjoy what they had to offer.

  2. I as well have been looking for some specific Control T videos for some time now. I'd hate to think their remarkable archive of films were now unattainable. I've been looking for "Bared Beer Buddies" forever!

    1. has it apparently

  3. I was disappointed to find out that their website is closed, I have been looking for a new copy of their Auditions video, which I think is their hottest one. There are several other control-t videos that I've wanted over the years and it's disappointing to think they're gone forever. The downloadable videos on the other websites are okay, but that just represents a fraction of their video library. I would love to buy out their library, digitize their videos, and put them on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

  4. There is one where a blond boy is taken upstairs and spanked severely with a brush, leaving purple bruises in the center of his cheeks. Definitely looking for that one

  5. And then there is a second part where the boy is bent over the railing of a bed and whipped with a belt

  6. I think that's Sundaze, not Control T.

  7. A quick web search of Control-T Studios shows an address in Mission Hills, CA, with a phone number and email address. I emailed them and will post any results that I get here.