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Friday, 13 February 2015

Sting: A Breach of Trust - (Part 2)

 The second set of pictures from A Breach of Trust

Michael (Damien Drake) another trusted boy has also annoyed his powerful Uncle. Asked to simply deliver a brief case across town he failed to complete the task successfully. Things went missing but luckily can be recovered with a bit of persuasion! However this failure is unacceptable to the boss especially from a close Nephew

In the best tradition the Godfather decides to punish the lad with a good over the knee spanking. In some ways he’s getting off lightly but this strapping boy really hates to get his ass licked!

The boss’s hardened palm cracks down on to poor Michael’s sensitive bare bottom making the boy hiss and growl at the onslaught!

This he can only just about bear but when he is left in the tender hands of Marco it goes from bad to worse. The strap is out again and it’s scorching! Michael knows he has to take his punishment but the bands of fire are really proving just too much!

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership

1 comment:

  1. I have always liked Damien's work for Sting and Rich O'Shea. In this video, a new hotter Damien has emerged. I love Damien's facial expressions, they are riveting, hot and arousing. I feel like I'm sharing Damien's agony and that he is caught, trapped and deserves this punishment. I feel sympathy for him, he weakly got caught and can't escape; he's allowing us to see more of him than in past clips. Once, he shed one tear and while being spanked you can hear Damien draw deep breaths. In this clip, a new and very hot Damien has emerged. We feel and see his constant pain! More.