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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sting: Naval Training (Part One)

Discipline is maintained at TS Morsus in much the same way as other naval training ship establishments. The cadets know that a traditional approach, much favoured by the Captain Headmaster, keeps their all important training records clean before moving to the senior service.

Boy Seaman Ray Harris (Johnny Hayward) has over stepped the mark and got himself hauled up before the Captain. His disciplinary record is very poor and his constant returning from leave late has reached breaking point. He needs a swift taste of the ropes end, the modern version of that being cuts. This is the naval term for a good caning.

Sentenced by the Captain young Harris is stripping of his shorts and being ordered to mount the horse. Caning is usually done in the gym or gym store with the miscreant bent over a vaulting horse, bare breach. Breach being the naval term for bottom.

The well oiled and pliable naval rattan canes deliver burning stripes which the CPO (Marco) lays on with well-timed accuracy. Bent right over the horse Harris can only count through the punishment in his mind, bearing the scorching strokes till the end. He tries not to squirm or cry out; this sort of courage is expected of a young naval trainee on his way to adulthood and service with the navy proper.

Later that evening Harris receives an unexpected visit from his training NCO. Still annoyed that one of his cadets let the Division down he now intends to administer his own form of justice

The boy is ordered to remove his pyjamas. Now naked, he is taken over the knee. This strapping young boy seaman is to be given a good bare bottom spanking. This over the cane cuts received earlier is going to burn like hell fire!

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  1. Johnny is a true star. What a beautiful hairy bottom-- and those LEGS! Steam comin' outta my ears!!!!

  2. Johnny also appears at East Europe Spanking Boys as Christian. For the last year and a half there, Christian has made, with the master, some of the best spanking videos ever! Christian/Johnny has a gorgeous butt and can take pain well. So, the spanker never has to hold back, he can lay into Christian, give him all he's got! Some of Christian's videios are simply breathtaking. This new Sting release is only $7.50. It's marvelous. First sceneChristian/Johnny gest caned over the high horse. Next, Christian lies in bed in pajamas. A bedtime blistering ensues. The spanking begins and it is hard and long, so beautiful. Finally, after the agony, Christian lies face down on his bed and the camera captures Christian/Johnny's beautiful essence. Simple but, captivating, riveting and a great clip!